Benefits Afforded to CCLCM of CWRU Faculty


As a CCLCM faculty member, you are also a faculty member of Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Medicine (SOM). It is therefore important that you complete these two items immediately:


1.     Go to the CWRU campus and obtain a CWRU ID card


2.     Activate your CWRU Network Account (also gives you a email account)


Why take care of this? Your CWRU ID card will provide you with building access, use of the CWRU Veale Center gym, and CWRU bookstore discounts. Your Network Account will give you electronic access to the University libraries (for those in Cleveland only), online CWRU telephone/Email Directory, CWRU email address, and if you are in the regular track, allow you to respond to surveys and vote on SOM issues. You will also need CWRU access to complete certain CCLCM functions and participate in workshops. What you do not receive is CWRU tuition concessions, salary, or other CWRU employee benefits.


CWRU ID Badge – obtain by doing the following:


·        CWRU will issue your ID when you can present two items; your driver’s license and a copy of your appointment confirmation letter from CWRU on CWRU letterhead, not the CCLCM letter (if you need another copy, contact SOM Faculty Affairs at 216-368-3870)


·        Take both items to the ID badge center; Crawford Hall lower level, room 18, located on Euclid Ave. just before Adelbert Rd., phone number is 216-368-2273

o    Academic Year Hours, Mon-Fri 9 am – 4 pm

o    Summer Hours (June & July), Mon-Thu 9 am – 2:30 pm and Fri 9 am – 2:30 pm



If you previously had a CWRU ID, be sure to take it with you. CWRU can easily transfer your new credentials to a new badge. This fee applies ONLY IF you previously had a CWRU ID. If this is your first ID badge, there is NO FEE. Subsequent replacement cards due to loss or damage will be at a cost to the cardholder.


Access Services issues University ID cards. If you have questions, contact them at 216-368-2273 or for general information, visit Once you have an ID card, access to the School of Medicine building(s) can be obtained by contacting Susette Ziats (


CWRU Network (3 initials & a number) & Email Account – complete by doing the following:


·         Regular track (full-time) CCLCM faculty will automatically be provided a Network Account and User ID through the

CWRU SOM Office of Faculty Affairs at 216-368-3870 or


·         Clinical track or Adjunct (part-time) CCLCM faculty may request a CWRU Network Account and User ID by calling the CWRU SOM Office of Faculty Affairs at 216-368-3870 or





·         You will need the PIN you were sent, then go to this website to activate your account or if you are unsure of your Network ID. You will also be provided a email account.


·         You can reset your password here if needed.


·         If you have network problems, contact 216-368-3870 or David Pilasky, Assistant Dean for IT, CWRU SOM at 216-368-4669. You may also call the Case Help Desk at 216-368-4357.



Other Questions or Concerns:

Please contact the CCLCM Office of Faculty Affairs instead of CWRU at 216-442-5627 or Rev 07-2019